Orrville High Sweethearts – Still Sweet

True love is a rare thing, but Orrville High School sweethearts are proof that first love can last a lifetime.

“Our first date was to the Orrville High School Christmas Dance in 1959,” reminisced Vicki Wolgamot Dreher, OHS Class of 1962. “I thought Don was so cute and he says he thought I was HOT. Today we still think the same way.”

Orrville school children did not used to begin kindergarten with their class and stay together through senior year like they do today. Orrville alumni had a different experience. Students attended their neighborhood elementary school and did not connect with their full class until entering Junior High in the seventh grade.

“Our marriage goes to prove that a kid from Maple can marry a kid from Oak,” stated Dave Tibbitts, OHS Class of 1976 who married Linda Liddle, OHS Class of 1977.

Red Riders are naturally drawn to high school sporting events as the venue for a first date. Steve Tschiegg, OHS Class of 1984 and Stacie Schmidt, OHS Class of 1985 attended a Red Rider Basketball Tournament game in Canton for their first date in 1983.

“Stacie and I have lived the best life one could ever hope for…and after nearly 30 years we still have the same feeling we had when we first met,” remarked Tschiegg.

Young alumni continue to prove that high school romance is more than a fleeting flame.

“We are so excited about our growing family and all the memories we are making,” shared Amanda Galehouse Richardson, OHS ’03 who married her high school sweetheart, Aaron Richardson, OHS ’02.

“No matter where we are or what we are doing, when we think of one another it makes us happy.” stated Maria Rhinehart, OHS ’02. Rhinehart is engaged to be married to Craig Hostetler, OHS ’05 in August.

At the Orrville High School Alumni Reunion in 2000, Kevin Landers, OHS ’74 and Beth Scott Moomaw, OH ’73 renewed their friendship. Although they had not seen each other in over 26 years they enjoyed a moment together painting the bridge at the downtown street party.

Following the reunion they began to exchange emails and phone calls. Landers was currently living in Wisconsin and made several trips back to Orrville to visit family and Beth.

On March 3, 2001, Kevin and Beth were married.

“Fate may have brought us together, but there is a very good chance it wouldn’t have happened if the Reunion hadn’t taken place,” remarked Landers. “Thank goodness for that weekend!”

The next OHS Alumni Reunion Weekend will be held this summer, June 25-27. Visit http://www.orrvillealumni.com/ to view the Schedule of Events and to register. There is no charge to register for the reunion. Just let us know you plan to attend.

Perhaps this summer is your chance to renew an old flame or ignite a new one.