OHS Outstanding Alumni Announced

The Orrville High School Alumni Association’s Board of Trustees recently chose four graduates for recognition as Outstanding Alumni. Selected for this honor were the following:

Robert Hershey ’44
Dr. Donald Orr ‘62
Kathy Tschiegg ‘74
Lt. Colonel Michael Landers ‘77

Hershey worked with his father at Hershey Insurance Agency retiring in 1998 as president. He has been involved and served in leadership positions with the Jaycees, the YMCA, United Way, Orrville Campus Foundation, Children’s Services Board of Wayne County, Orrville Library Board, the Orrville Chamber of Commerce, OrrViews Board, Dunlap Community Hospital and Christ United Church of Christ. A World War II veteran, he was named Orrville’s Outstanding Young Man of the Year in 1957, was the Paul L. Powell Citizen of the Year in 1991, and along with his wife Jess received a United Way Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994. Hershey was honored as a Founders Society member by The University of Akron Wayne College for his work in bringing a branch campus to Orrville. Whenever something was needed in the Orrville community or a goal was to be met, Hershey was one of the first to be sought out for leadership, and he always came through. He and his wife are the parents of four daughters and one son.

Donald Orr, M.D., Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine, graduated from The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Orr completed residency training in pediatrics at Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital and specialty training in adolescent medicine at the University of Colorado and the University of Rochester Medical Center. A Navy veteran, he joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1983 and started the Section of Adolescent Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics, Riley Hospital for Children. Orr’s clinical and research interests focus on Type 1 diabetes and adolescent sexuality, and he has published 150 scientific and clinical articles. He has served as associate editor for the journals Diabetes Care and the Journal of Adolescent Medicine, and as editor for Adolescent Health Update. His work has been recognized with lifetime achievement awards from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Adolescent Medicine and with the creation of the Donald P. Orr Chair in Adolescent Medicine at Indiana University. Orr is semi-retired but continues providing care to adolescents. Orr and his wife, Caryl Thompson, have three sons.
Tschiegg is the founder and CEO of Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO). After receiving her nursing degree, Tschiegg spent two years with the Peace Corps in Honduras working at a public hospital. She returned to the U.S. and spent 15 years working for Aultman Hospital. Her goal to develop a system that would deliver sustainable quality healthcare to the poor of Central America was realized in 1993 with the founding of CAMO. The organization became a partner with the region and works hand in hand with local medical professionals to improve the lives of those most in need. Tschiegg’s work has earned her a 2009 Athena Award and she was named outstanding medical professional of the year by the Stark County Medical Associations – the first nurse to receive this honor. In addition, she has received two Paul Harris Awards from Rotary International and has been recognized by the Peace Corps for her dedication to development work. She spends half the year living and working in Honduras and the other half at CAMO’s headquarters in Orrville.

Landers received a B.S. in Biology from The University of Akron and an M.B.A. from Benedictine College. He has served in the U.S. Army for 25 years and is currently serving with the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His combat experience includes tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a graduate of training in counterinsurgency; command and general staff officers course; U.S. Army Jumpmaster course; and Pathfinder, Ranger and Airborne courses. Landers has held leadership positions including Director of Cultural Influence and Counterinsurgency, Team Chief, Commandant, and Commander. His teaching experience includes School of Command Preparation where he acts as a facilitator specializing in Battle Command at the tactical level, and Senior Platoon Trainer in Ranger instruction. Landers has received two Bronze Stars and numerous other medals and badges. He and his wife Lisa have two daughters.
These four alumni will be honored at the Alumni Luncheon to be held at The Pines on Friday, June 25th at noon. The luncheon will kick-off the 2010 Orrville High School Reunion Weekend. Reservations and payments ($15.00) to attend the luncheon must be received by June 1st. Reservations may be done online at http://ohsalumniluncheon.eventbrite.com/

Orrville High Sweethearts – Still Sweet

True love is a rare thing, but Orrville High School sweethearts are proof that first love can last a lifetime.

“Our first date was to the Orrville High School Christmas Dance in 1959,” reminisced Vicki Wolgamot Dreher, OHS Class of 1962. “I thought Don was so cute and he says he thought I was HOT. Today we still think the same way.”

Orrville school children did not used to begin kindergarten with their class and stay together through senior year like they do today. Orrville alumni had a different experience. Students attended their neighborhood elementary school and did not connect with their full class until entering Junior High in the seventh grade.

“Our marriage goes to prove that a kid from Maple can marry a kid from Oak,” stated Dave Tibbitts, OHS Class of 1976 who married Linda Liddle, OHS Class of 1977.

Red Riders are naturally drawn to high school sporting events as the venue for a first date. Steve Tschiegg, OHS Class of 1984 and Stacie Schmidt, OHS Class of 1985 attended a Red Rider Basketball Tournament game in Canton for their first date in 1983.

“Stacie and I have lived the best life one could ever hope for…and after nearly 30 years we still have the same feeling we had when we first met,” remarked Tschiegg.

Young alumni continue to prove that high school romance is more than a fleeting flame.

“We are so excited about our growing family and all the memories we are making,” shared Amanda Galehouse Richardson, OHS ’03 who married her high school sweetheart, Aaron Richardson, OHS ’02.

“No matter where we are or what we are doing, when we think of one another it makes us happy.” stated Maria Rhinehart, OHS ’02. Rhinehart is engaged to be married to Craig Hostetler, OHS ’05 in August.

At the Orrville High School Alumni Reunion in 2000, Kevin Landers, OHS ’74 and Beth Scott Moomaw, OH ’73 renewed their friendship. Although they had not seen each other in over 26 years they enjoyed a moment together painting the bridge at the downtown street party.

Following the reunion they began to exchange emails and phone calls. Landers was currently living in Wisconsin and made several trips back to Orrville to visit family and Beth.

On March 3, 2001, Kevin and Beth were married.

“Fate may have brought us together, but there is a very good chance it wouldn’t have happened if the Reunion hadn’t taken place,” remarked Landers. “Thank goodness for that weekend!”

The next OHS Alumni Reunion Weekend will be held this summer, June 25-27. Visit http://www.orrvillealumni.com/ to view the Schedule of Events and to register. There is no charge to register for the reunion. Just let us know you plan to attend.

Perhaps this summer is your chance to renew an old flame or ignite a new one.

Seeking Nominations for Outstanding Alumni

The Orrville High School Alumni Association requests nominations for the 2010 Outstanding Alumni Awards.

Outstanding Alumni Awards have been presented bi-annually to recognize the accomplishments of Orrville High School graduates. Past recipients were: Alan Auble, Nancy Brest, Pete Curie, Ellis Fields, John Kropf, Pat Lorson, Darlene Morrision, Louis Prechtel, Jenni Reusser, Paul Seifried, Bob Shonk, Kent Smith, Tim Smucker, Howard Wade, and Tony Yonto.

This year, the award will officially be presented by the newly established Orrville High School Alumni Association at a special luncheon to be held on June 25 in conjunction with the Old OHS Forever Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Nominees must be graduates of Orrville High School, but do not need to currently reside locally. Award recipients will be evaluated based on a lifetime of excellence, accomplishments and recognition in their careers, communities and/or for their continuing contributions to the Orrville City School District.

Nomination forms are available here or may be picked up at Heartland Point. Forms and a letter of support must be submitted by April 1 to the OHS Alumni Association, PO Box 422, Orrville.

The Orrville High School Alumni Association strives to support the strategic plan of the Orrville City Schools; preserve historical school records and memorabilia; maintain an alumni database; provide channels of communication among alumni; and coordinate events that serve to connect and engage the alumni of Orrville High School.

Make a reservation for the Orrville High School Alumni Awards Luncheon or the 2010 Orrville High School Alumni Reunion Weekend (June 25-27).

Young Alumna Builds a Bridge

An energetic, extremely busy college senior jumped on the opportunity to combine a graduation requirement with community involvement in her hometown.

Halle Runion, 2006 graduate of Orrville High School, immediately saw a beneficial partnership between her required senior project at The University of Cincinnati and the 2010 Orrville High School Alumni Reunion.

“It was perfect timing. I had already committed to chairing a committee for the 2010 [OHS Alumni] reunion and it seemed like an experience that would also work well for my senior project” explained Runion.

This is not the first time Orrville provided Runion with an educational opportunity. In the spring of 2009, she interned with the Orrville Historical Society focusing on developing programming at the Smith Orr Homestead.

“Everyone in my family is involved [in Orrville” stated Runion. “It just seems natural for me to give something back.”

In addition to serving as the event chair for the Joy and Memories SWEET Block Party that will be held from 9pm – 1am on Sat, June 26, Runion will also be researching ways to use emerging social media technology to attract the attention of young alums with the hope of increasing the number that attend the reunion.

Runion defines “young alumni” as those who graduated from high school in the last 15 years (1996 – 2010).

“As college students and young professionals the reunion is a perfect networking opportunity.” stated Runion. “Not only can it help you reconnect with classmates, but with older alumni who may be in the position to hire you.”

Connecting with younger alums requires the OHS Alumni Association to meet them where they are. OHSAA already has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube. Email communication, increased website traffic and online event registration have already saved the OHSAA thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs.

“I welcomed Halle’s involvement as a young alumna on Reunion Planning Committee. This project helps to engage her even more. I value her insights,” stated Lori Reinbolt, OHS Alumni Reunion Weekend Coordinator.

Another aspect of Runion’s project will be to create a trade show type booth display showcasing Red Rider spirit to an audience that is not familiar with Orrville. Runion selected the tradition of painting “the bridge” as the focal point of her display.

“It’s not just about planning a party. I need to be able to demonstrate the pride of Orrville across generations of high school grads.”

While painting “the bridge” is not an activity endorsed by the school, it is something that Runion felt connected Orrville alumni. Regardless of age, memories of painting the bridge are ones that many can vividly recall.

Orrville alumni are encouraged to email pictures and stories about their bridge painting escapades to halle.runion@gmail.com or send them to OHS Alumni, PO Box 422, Orrville, OH, 44667.

Halle Runion, is the daughter of Jack and Linda (Volpe) Runion of Orrville. She will graduate from the University of Cincinnati in June with a Bachelor of Science degree in Facilities and Hospitality Management as well as an Associate Degree in Business Management. Her sights are set on a job in the hospitality industry.

The Orrville High School Alumni Association strives to support the strategic plan of the Orrville City Schools; preserve historical school records and memorabilia; maintain an alumni database; provide channels of communication among alumni; and coordinate events that serve to connect and engage the alumni of Orrville High School.

For more information about the Orrville High School Alumni Association and the 2010 Old OHS Forever Alumni Reunion Weekend visit orrvillealumni.com

Baseball Team hits a GRAND SLAM for OHSAA!

Congratulations to Team Baseball for taking first place in the OHSAA Red Rider Revenue Roundup fundraiser! The baseball team led by Don Dreher and Dean Reusser exceeded their goal by bringing in over $2,300 for the Orrville High School Alumni Association.

Team Cheerleaders led by Vicki Dreher, Molly Mastroine and Sara Martin took second place and Team Track led by Dave Handwerk and Jason Ayers took third.
Overall, the Red Rider Revenue Roundup raised over $11,000 for the OHS Alumni Association. Funds will primarily be used toward the 2010 Reunion Weekend scheduled for June 25-27.

Donations continue to be accepted online or mail a check to OHS Alumni Association, PO Box 422, Orrville, OH 44667