Fashion FADS Contest

You remember those yearbook pictures, right? You know… the section devoted to the fashion of the time. You probably have certain people and images permanently placed in memory. The poodle skirt of the 50’s, the 70’s bell bottoms, or the brightly patterned sweater in the 80’s. All were proudly displayed within the halls of Orrville High School back in the good ole days. Admit it… you were just as trendy as your closest friend. You fashioned the same “beehive”, “ducktail”, or “big hair” mistakes as everyone else because it was the fad.

Well fads change over the years. You pull out the yearbooks to reminisce. Then you have a good laugh at your fashion faux pas once the initial shock wears off. Because of fads, you are temporarily taken back to the emotions of that time. Those pictures forever encapsulate the pulse, environment, and style of your world in what probably felt like simpler times.

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive that moment for just a short time? Have the images jump right off of the page into modern day? Do you think you could emulate the fashion fad of your high school days good enough for a grand prize?

The Orrville High School Alumni Association is in need of volunteers to be contestants in The Fashion FADS Contest being held on Saturday, June 26th, 2010. It will be an interactive attraction at the Growing Up So Strong and True Street Party in downtown Orrville during the Old OHS Forever Reunion Weekend. The contest will start at 2:30pm. and will be MC’d by FM radio personality and OHS graduate, Keith Kennedy.

We’re looking for at least 2 contestants from each decade to model their day’s fashion fad. Your attire will be described by Keith Kennedy in a fashion show style as you walk on stage with a 3D mock-up of the “painted bridge” as your backdrop! If this doesn’t scream Old OHS Forever, we don’t know what will! You can live out your glory days while competing for prizes and the chance to be the one who best represents the Fashion FADS of their time.
Get creative! Volunteer with some friends! Compete in groups! Have some fun and make this the most talked about event of the reunion. Hit the vintage clothing stores, pull out the old letter jacket, bring some props, and entertain the judging audience to win. You can sign up to be a contestant by contacting Michele or Travis Wilson at or calling 330-642-0301.

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